Dear, you have converged to this Studio of Photography,
so that the Photographer, Minister of the image,
may seal your love in the presence of the local and global community.

A beautiful light may bless this immortal and faithful love.

Now Oliviero Toscani engages you in this image,
as well as he did engage himself to his profession.

Have you come here, in front of the Camera, on your own free will and choice,

without compulsion to marry each other?

Will you love and honour each other, in this photograph, all the days of your lives?

Are you willing to accept, with love, the portrait that Toscani may take of you
and keep it in accordance with the law of conservation of photography?

Since it is your intention to enter into the picture,
join your right hands, and declare your consent in front of the lens of the photographer.


I take you, as my legitime wife or husband,



for better, for worse,
in money and in love,
in friendship and happiness,

and with the grace of photography and thecnology,


to look at each other in admiration.


all the days of your life (and after).


You have declared your consent before the Photographer.

May the Camera in his goodness sensibility, strengthen your consent and fill you both with its objectivity.

What the camera has joined, men must not divide.


Camera, bless these smiles, may always be sign of love and civilization.



If anyone wants to join now, let them strike a pose or dissapear forever.



I picture you husband and wife!



You can kiss the bride, brides, newlyweds, the groom,
and anyone you want in this blessed studio!

We give thanks to the photographer.